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The modular Cryofree® ProteoxMX dilution refrigerator delivers greater experimental capacity and adaptability.
Integrate microwave lines and signal conditioning hardware on the Secondary Insert for superconducting qubit development.

Superconducting Qubits

Integrate microwave wiring, cold eletronics and superconducting magnets for spin qubit development.

Spin Qubits

Superconducting magnets and ultra low temperatures enable hall effect and quantum hall effect transport measurements.

Quantum Transport Measurements

Key Specifications


  • Enables high input/output applications through abundant line-of-sight (LOS) access
  • Large 360 mm diameter mixing chamber plate, combined with increased spacing
  • Customisable, self-supporting Secondary Insert
  • DC wiring, coaxial wiring, cold electronic components and samples can be fully integrated on to multiple Secondary Inserts
  • Patented gas gap heat switch technology provides active control of thermal conductivity between the system plates
  • New gas handling system delivers increased reliability and longer service intervals.
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Platform Solutions




Custom Secondary Insert

Ideal for a multi-user or multi-experiment setting, or future-proofing the system. Side loading Secondary Inserts can be exchanged between Proteox systems enabling experiments to be set up on a workbench prior to exchange. This is a significant advantage for optical experiments where alignment of components can be performed outside of the system.

Utilise a custom Secondary Insert for an optimised experiment, ready to run on system arrival by incorporating cold electronics such as circulators and amplifiers, directly during manufacture. All mounted hardware and components are factory installed.

  • Components mounted directly onto the Secondary Insert
  • Component bracketry factory installed
  • Amplifiers and isolators mounted in-line with coaxial cables for maximum space utilisation

Options / Accessories

Flexible Wiring

  • 24-way twisted-pair DC looms with copper, constantan or NbTi conductors
  • Flexible coaxial (S1) wiring for DC or low frequency
  • Single-mode and multi-mode optical fibres
  • Thermo-coaxes for effective filtering of high-frequency noise
  • Low-impedance looms suitable for nano-positioning piezo devices.

Coaxial Wiring

  • UT34 and UT85 coax with SMA or SK connectors for 18 GHz or 40 GHz bandwidth operation
  • Range of coax conductors including stainless-steel, CuNi and NbTi
  • Heat sinking using bulkhead connectors at all experimental plates with optional 0 dB attenuators for efficient conductor thermalisation.


Attenuators can be selected per line and per plate; 0 dB attenuators for conductor thermalisation; 3 dB, 6 dB, 10 dB and 20 dB attenuators.

Low Pass Filters

Low-pass multi-stage filters can be mounted for use at temperatures to below 100 mK.

  • 4 cut-off frequencies available between 170 Hz and 110 kHz.
  • Gold plated copper chassis with RF gaskets to provide screening and thermal dumping for the filter PCB.

Our patented bottom loader and active gas gap heat switch technology enable fast sample turnaround times with sample puck cooldown times in less than 6 hours, particularly suited to magnet systems and for qubit screening. For the ProteoxMX, the sample loader is integrated onto a Secondary Insert, including hermetic feedthroughs and thermalisation hardware for provision of experimental wiring.

  • Easy sample exchange without the need to warm the entire system to room temperature
  • Loading a sample puck takes < 15 minutes and the system automatically cools back to base temperature
  • Up to 28 RF and 96 DC connections on a single sample puck
  • Ideal solution for multi-user facilities since different experiments can be prepared in multiple sample pucks
  • Patented loading concept allows for safe and easy operation
  • ESD protection (make-before-break) via sample grounding or biasing before the puck docks with the system.

Solenoid Magnets

  • Range of field strengths from 1 T to 14 T
  • High filament count for reduced size, high sweep rate and low flux jumping
  • Large bore sizes from 77 mm to 152 mm diameter across the solenoid magnet range
  • Maximum sweep rate of 2 Amp/minute
  • Quench protected.

Vector Rate Magnets

  • 3 axis vector magnets with a vertical field up to 9 T and a horizontal field up to 3 T
  • 90 mm large bore across all high field vector rotate options.

Customised Magnets

  • Customised options for improved homogeneity, persistence stability or field resolution
  • Specialised capability for advanced magnet design including split pair and actively shielded magnet systems.
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