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Quantum Technology | Working in Quantum

‘Quantum Technology | Working in Quantum’ is our new unique video series being delivered in partnership with The Quantum Insider with the aim to demonstrate the role collaboration and diversity need to play in driving the industry forward and making quantum, a reality.

The campaign features quantum industry leaders including: 

Together we are Making Quantum Accessible!

Our Managing Director, Stuart Woods, has said that this series is an “important opportunity to highlight the diverse workforce, collaboration and broad talent pool required to commercialise quantum computing and support industry innovation.

Natalia Ares

“It's really exciting to be in such a vibrant community of people that want to push quantum technologies forward. There are many challenges that are very similar across quantum device architectures. And if we work together, we can progress a lot faster.”

Richard Moulds

“Our philosophy is [that] the more people can experiment with the technology [and] can experience it, the faster we as a community can innovate.”

Ilana Wisby

“The technology that we are building for the future will reflect the people that build it today. So we need to make sure that we are building a diverse workforce and we need to make sure that quantum computing and the resources and the learning is accessible to all at the earliest stage possible.”

Celia Merzbacher

“QED-C is starting a program, “office hours”, so that students can meet with somebody in the quantum industry and learn more about what a career in the quantum industry might be about."

Matt Hutchings

“A lot of people think that there are only really technical roles and you have to be an incredibly proficient technician, or have a PhD in quantum computing specifically to get into this field and that's not the case. That is probably the biggest misconception.”

Oxford Instruments NanoScience

While today’s quantum computers are still able to perform calculations that demonstrate quantum supremacy - because of the maturity of the field - the challenges they’re solving are still not the kind of challenges we need them to solve.

Watch the full Quantum Technology | Working in Quantum series on The Quantum Insider’s YouTube channel today!

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