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Quantum Technology | Our Sustainable Future

Here at Oxford Instruments NanoScience, we are actively putting plans in place to minimise the environmental footprint of our products and services, from monitoring power usage to recycling products. We are committed to protecting the planet the best we can and support our customers in achieving their objectives in the most sustainable way possible. We currently offer return to factory recycling in the UK for our products for free with the option available for other markets at a minimal cost.

While our Proteox platform allows each component to be individually addressed, we are exploring how best to monitor power usage. We are also actively collaborating on projects to make large magnets more energy efficient. Given our roots in magnets for NMR, our magnets are already some of the most efficient in the world.

As part of our commitment, working with other stakeholders in the industry is critical and this is why we've developed the Quantum Technology | Our Sustainable Future project working closely with Quantum Daily to ignite the debate.