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Today, tomorrow, always – we are in it together for your whole journey. We understand there are many decisions to make when selecting the right product and company with which to partner. 

At Oxford Instruments NanoScience, our customers’ success is what matters most. Delivering maximum performance, our range of support packages enable our customers to maximise uptime and minimise cost, spreading cost of ownership into a simplified yearly fee.

Our support packages can save up to 30% on maintenance costs compared to pay as you go service.

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Our Basic Support Package provides an annual visit to perform a system health check and provides training to system users. The health check report will identify any maintenance requirements as they occur, reducing downtime and ensuring your focus is on your experiments and results.

Our Essential Support Package adds cover for all scheduled maintenance requirements, and enables yearly payments. An annual visit includes maintenance of all service parts and pumps in addition to a system health check and training. The Essential Support Package is for those who require a higher level of guaranteed support, with scheduled preventative maintenance.

This package is ideal for customers who value unparalleled access to a key account engineer, faster helpdesk responses and customers who require optimal utilisation and up-time. The Premium Support Package adds priority support with guaranteed response time for technical enquiries, on-site repairs and spare parts shipments, as well as direct access to a dedicated key account engineer.

Our most complete support package, developed to support our industrial and quantum computing customers ensures all system maintenance is covered, and up-time is maximised for interruption-free operation. This package includes weekly on-site attendance, weekend support and a flexible, expandable contract for multi-region installations and data centre deployments. Access to critical spares ensures that any component failures can be replaced promptly.

Support Packages


LiveAssist remote support empowers your technical staff to resolve issues fast and effectively with the support from our team of service and engineering professionals, using the latest virtual reality tools. LiveAssist is a benefit included in all our support packages or it can be purchased pay as you go when the need arises.

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Annual on-site training is included in all our support packages. Practical, hands-on training ensures that system users and technical staff are familiar with how the system operates and how to diagnose and fault check minor issues. This flexible training can be adjusted to your needs, whether you want to learn the fundamentals of how the system operates, data logging and export, or how to integrate the system using API interface commands.

Extended Warranty Cover

A standard warranty is included for 12 months on all system sales. 

Extended warranties are available for customers who want to be covered for a longer period. All of our warranties include parts and labour, and our warranty helpdesk provides a single point of contact should any failure occur.

Technical Support

Technical support is provided quickly and easily from our global service desks and issues. Augmented reality tools utilising Oxford Instruments LiveAssist, and remote access ensure rapid diagnosis and system monitoring.

Preventative Maintenance

Regularly scheduled maintenance can identify potential problems before they occur and enables cost management to avoid the risk and expense associated with  unplanned downtime. A full system health check provides certification of system performance and enables any potential issues to be identified before component failure.


We provide a variety of upgrades, accessories and spare parts for cryogenic systems and magnet systems. Our new e-store provides an extensive range of spare parts and consumables that are in stock and ready for delivery.

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Key Account Engineer

In addition to our standard support helpdesk, customers on our Premium support package benefit from single point, direct mobile phone and email contact to a dedicated key account engineer. Your key account engineer will be familiar with your facility and your systems and able to provide personalised support and technical assistance.