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The compact Cryofree® ProteoxS dilution refrigerator delivers faster turnaround in a smaller size, with no compromise on performance.
Integrate superconducting and dc wiring for faster turnaround characterisation of quantum devices

Quantum Devices

High magnetic field and low temperatures for electrical transport measurements

Transport Measurements

Characterisation of quantum dots and nano-devices for photonic applications


Key Specifications


  • Fast turnaround 10 mK platform with 4 access ports for experimental services

  • Signal chain solutions for electron transport or quantum devices, including integrated low-noise amplifiers and filters

  • Compatible with superconducting magnets and our bottom loading mechanism providing 8 h sample cool-down time

  • Central line-of sight port for optical access to field centre

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Platform Solutions


  • Remote access through a web-based, platform-independent control software in addition to local system control
  • Automation routines for one button operation
  • Full manual control and programmable API interface for custom routines
  • Powerful data interrogation and visualisation package with live plotting


  • Reduced ceiling height requirement to suit common research laboratories

  • Cross-braced stiffened frame that minimizes vibration transmission eliminating the need for active damping

  • Lighter vacuum cans and shields removes the need for lifting equipment

Options / Accessories

Flexible Wiring

  • 24-way twisted-pair DC looms with copper, constantan or NbTi conductors
  • Flexible coaxial (S1) wiring for DC or low frequency
  • Single-mode and multi-mode optical fibres
  • Thermo-coaxes for effective filtering of high-frequency noise
  • Low-impedance looms suitable for nano-positioning piezo devices.

Coaxial Wiring

  • UT34 and UT85 coax with SMA connectors for 18 GHz bandwidth operation
  • Range of coax conductors including stainless-steel, CuNi and NbTi
  • Heat sinking using bulkhead connectors at all experimental plates with optional 0 dB attenuators for efficient conductor thermalisation.


Attenuators can be selected per line and per plate; 0 dB attenuators for conductor thermalisation; 3 dB, 6 dB, 10 dB and 20 dB attenuators.

Low Pass Filters

Low-pass multi-stage filters can be mounted for use at temperatures to below 100 mK.

  • 4 cut-off frequencies available between 170 Hz and 110 kHz.
  • Gold plated copper chassis with RF gaskets to provide screening and thermal dumping for the filter PCB.

Our patented bottom loader and active gas gap heat switch technology enable fast sample turnaround times with sample puck cooldown times in less than 8 hours, particularly suited to magnet systems and for qubit screening.  

  • Easy sample exchange without the need to warm the entire system to room temperature
  • Loading a sample puck takes < 15 minutes and the system automatically cools back to base temperature
  • Up to 22 RF and 96 DC connections on a single sample puck
  • Ideal solution for multi-user facilities since different experiments can be prepared in multiple sample pucks
  • Patented loading concept allows for safe and easy operation
  • ESD protection (make-before-break) via sample grounding or biasing before the puck docks with the system.
  • Cooling power up to 150 μW at 100 mK
  • Base temperature < 12 mK

Solenoid Magnets

  • 12 T solenoid magnet with 57 mm bore
  • High filament count for reduced size, high sweep rate and low flux jumping
  • All magnets ramp to full field in 1 hour or less
  • Persistence mode switch

Vector Rotate Magnets

  • 6,1,1 T 3 axis vector rotate magnet with a 77 mm bore
  • Maximum field for 360° vector rotation: 1 T vector magnitude in sphere
  • Vector tilting angle 2.5° from vertical axis with a vector magnitude of 6 T
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