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Available at a 4-month lead time
An integrated Cryofree® superconducting magnet system.
High magnetic fields and low temperatures for hall effect and quantum hall effect measurements.

Electrical Transport Measurements

Investigate the effect of low temperature and high field on low dimensional materials; nanowires, nanotubes, quantum dots and 2D electron gases.

Low Dimensional Physics

Spin processing and data storage studies using high magnetic fields and low temperatures.


Key Specifications


  • Integrated variable temperature insert providing sample temperatures between 1.5 K and 300 K supplied as standard with sample rod.
  • Standard magnetic fields up to 14 T in a compact geometry, with vector rotate magnet geometries available.
  • Optional high performance measurement probes with height adjustment and rotation options.
  • Lower base temperature can be obtained using our optional inserts < 300 mK with HelioxVT and < 25 mK with KelvinoxJT.
  • Low vibration - suitable for a wide range of sensitive measurements.
  • Fast and easy sample change into our separate sealed chamber.
  • Low power consumption - operate from a single pulse tube refrigerator.
  • No gas flow over sensitive samples - the system uses a static exchange gas around the sample.
  • Quick sample change via top-loading probe - the sample can be changed while the system is cold.
  • No liquid nitrogen required for operation – the system uses internal cold traps to remove contaminant.
  • New and improved 4-month lead time
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Measurement probes

Measurement probes are available as fixed sample.

ESD Protected Sample Holders

The PCB and LCC holders are ceramic Aluminium-Nitride (AlN) to optimise thermal conductivity.

Electrical contact plating is Ni free to minimise the remnant field effects in the sample domain.

The following sample holders are available with our range of measurement probes:

During the process of mounting the sample into the sample holder, an ESD plug will be inserted. This plug links all the electrical connections to the sample together ensuring that no damaging voltages can be generated across the sample due to ESD.

The measurement cable is a carefully specified cable constructed of 13 twisted pairs, 10 pairs of 26 AWG tinned Cu and 3 pairs of 22 AWG tinned Cu. Each pair is individually screened with a foil screen. Each screen has external insulation to isolate it from all the other screens. Each screen also has a drain wire.

Options / Accessories

Measurement probes are available as fixed sample. These probes are ideal for electrical transport and Hall effect measurements from DC to GHz RF. Featuring de-mountable sample holders for in-plane and out-of plane measurements, ESD protection and measurement isolation.

Each probe is available as Sample-in-Gas (SIG) with a Sample-in-Vacuum (SIV) variant. The probe chassis consists of three thin-wall stainless-steel tubes to provide a rigid, straight, low-thermal conductivity structure and create separate electrically isolated spaces to keep measurement looms shielded from diagnostic and drive wiring.

This sample-in-vacuum ³He refrigerator achieves less than 300 mK for more than 40 hrs and achieves 50 µW of cooling power at 350 mK for over 6 hrs. The HelioxVT uses a cold gas environment with a 50 mm access, therefore no need for a 1 K pot on the insert.

The Kelvinox®JT is a small, dipstick-style, dilution refrigerator, which features a Joule-Thomson condensation stage. It means the KelvinoxJT can operate in any 4 K environment – wet or dry – as it does not rely on a 1 K pot. 

Wide temperature range: when operated in a VTI, the temperature can be controlled between 25 mK and 300 K. Quick cooldown time from room temperature to base in less than 6 hours.

Our Sample Protect solution is a break out box which provides experimenters with an end-to-end method of protecting sensitive samples from accidental electrostatic discharge (ESD). The system comprises of a rack mount SampleProtect Switching Unit (SPSU) linked, via measurement grade cables and sample probes, with sample holders which include an additional socket for an equi-potential plug.

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