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A ³He sample-in-vacuum insert system compatible with ⁴He variable temperature inserts. 
High magnetic fields and low temperatures for hall effect and quantum hall effect measurements.

Electrical Transport Measurements

Investigate the effect of low temperature and high field on low dimensional materials; nanowires, nanotubes, quantum dots and 2d electron gases.

Low Dimensional Physics

Spin processing and data storage studies using high magnetic fields and low temperatures.


Key Specifications


  • Extend the capability of the TeslatronPT to low base temperatures of < 300 mK.
  • Achieves less than 300 mK for more than 40 hrs and achieves 50 µW of cooling power at 350 mK for over 6 hrs.
  • HelioxVT uses a cold gas environment with a 50 mm access, therefore no need for liquid helium.
  • The sample temperature range of a new or existing VTI can be extended below 280 mK
  • No liquid helium in the sample plane making the HelioxVT ideal for neutron or X-ray scattering experiments.
  • Compatible with 50 mm diameter VTIs.
  • 1 K pot free design – no additional room temperature pumps make this a simple, self-contained solution.
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The MercuryiTC is a versatile cryogenic environment controller. In its basic form it includes a single channel high-resolution (24 bit) temperature measurement circuit which supports all the standard cryogenic sensors (ruthenium oxide, cernox, silicon diodes, platinum, thermocouple and RhFe). With the constant voltage mode it enables reliable, accurate temperature measurement using negative temperature sensors (NTC) down to below 250 mK. The base unit enables PID loop configuration control of a single heater output up to 80W (40 V, 2 A).

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