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Nanonis Tramea

Nanonis Tramea™ is a measurement system ideal for quantum transport measurements. In conjunction with our world-leading cryogenic research tools, it offers fast, multi-channel measurements to our users working in quantum technologies. 

  • Powerful, ultrafast measurement solution

  • Customisable and user friendly software interface

  • Automated signal acquisition and data processing

  • Common ground plane

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Nanonis Tramea can be integrated accross our entire product range and is compatible with our integrated magnets and patented sample loading pucks. We are the only supplier capable of offering Nanonis Tramea measurement solution at mK temperatures, with dilution refrigerators such as TritonWe also integrate it with products in the 1 K - 300 K temperature range, for example with TeslatronPT or OptistatDry BLV.

Nanonis Tramea is a complete measurement platform which is customisable, has high-resolution AD/DA conversion, signal conditioning and fast signal processing. The system seamlessly interacts with our MercuryiTC temperature control and MercuryiPS magnet power supply electronics, meaning you can control your magnet, cryostat temperature and your experimental routines all in one place. 

The ultra-low temperatures and high magnetic fields provided by our Triton dilution refrigerator make it a key research tool in revealing the quantum properties of many materials of interest. Our Triton systems already lead the way in experiment-readiness with high-density RF and DC wiring capability, unique sample exchange mechanisms, and unbeatable superconducting magnet integration. SPECS’ Nanonis Tramea is a natural complementary partner to the Triton, with its fast, multi-channel, multi-functional capability, a full replacement for the traditional measurement rack.

Nanonis Tramea Quantum Dot Simulator

The quantum dot simulator lets you explore the complete Nanonis Tramea measurement system as if it were connected to a real quantum dot. Learn the operation of the software without any risk. It simulates a typical single top-gate defined quantum dot, and includes the full feature set of the software. Possible measurements include single gate sweeps, left- vs. right-gate sweeps as well as stability diagrams. Lock-in operation allows differential conductance measurements.

To download the simulator, click here.

High resolution measurement solution: A total of up to 48 output channels are available, which can all be controlled simultaneously by the software. 80 internal signals can be employed for signal generation, detection and feedback – up to 20,000 data points per second. Nanonis Tramea uses the fastest 20-bit, 1-ppm DA-converters available on the market

Simultaneous multi-functionality: Nanonis Tramea is an advanced measurement solution, which combines the functionality of several different single-purpose instruments into a single, high-performance, compact, fully software-controlled package. Nanonis Tramea offers functionality of the following dedicated instruments: Precision DC sources - Lock-in amplifiers - High-resolution data acquisition instruments - Oscilloscopes - Spectrum analyzers - Arbitrary waveform generators - Software measurement suites

Excellent signal performance: All analogue signals are converted quickly into the digital domain where all signal processing is performed. This means no interference with external noise or crosstalk is possible

Superior and customisable user interface: Modular, flexible software and hardware architecture, with add-on options including a full-featured LabVIEW-based programming interface or scripting module

Automated signal acquisition and data processing: Handles even the most complex experiments using workflow-optimised solutions that deliver high user efficiency

Base configuration: Nanonis Tramea comes with a real time controller (TRC) and one signal conversion unit (TSC) providing you with 8 inputs and 8 outputs, which can be upgraded.

Software included in the base configuration: Oscilloscope and spectrum analyser up to tens of Hz, FPGA and real-time signal processing, signal conditioning, signal charts and history, long term spectrum, generic sweeper, signal handling, intelligent adaptive oversampling, software for data acquisition and quantum dot simulator. Up to 80 internal signals, 24 simultaneously for display and acquisition. Fully integrated control of the MercuryiPS and MercuryiTC

Hardware upgrades: Tramea can be upgraded to have combinations up to 24 inputs and 48 outputs by adding extra Tramea Signal Conversion (TSC) or Tramea Signal Output (TSO) units to the base configuration

Software upgrades: PI controller, Function generator, LabVIEW programming interface, Scripting module, High resolution oscilloscope and spectrum analyser, and up to 8 lock-ins

  • Quantum Hall effect
  • Quantum spin Hall effect 
  • Topological insulators
  • Majorana fermions 
  • Graphene 
  • Carbon Nanotubes
  • Quantum dots 
  • Quantum point contacts 
  • Spin-qubits in quantum dots 
  • Quantum rings 
  • Nanodevices 
  • Characterising materials
  • I-V characterisation 

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