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Quantum 2020

The Institute of Physics and IOP Publishing, in partnership with the Chinese Physical Society (CPS) and the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) are proud to bring together the international quantum science community online for this inaugural conference. Join our talks:

Quantum technologies device fabrication challenges and solutions

Ravi Sundaram, Head of Strategic R&D Markets

Tuesday 20th October,  7 pm Shanghai time (12 noon BST)

Quantum computing and qubit scale-up applications with Proteox dilution refreigertor

James Robinson, Product Manager

Wednesday 21st October,  6.30 pm Shanghai time (11.30 am BST)

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Pascal electron phases in complex-oxide nanowires at large B/T

Dr. Jeremy Levy

11am ET / 3pm GMT

The electronic properties of complex-oxide heterostructures and nanostructures exhibit a variety of emergent quantum phases that are highly unusual. The underlying material system resembles a semiconductor heterostructure, except the materials are perovskite insulators LaAlO3 and SrTiO3. The conductive properties at interfaces formed from these two materials exhibit rich behavior, including magnetism and superconductivity. The conductivity at the interface can be reversibly controlled at extreme nanoscale dimensions using a conductive atomic force microscope. The resulting nanostructures (e.g., electron waveguides) exhibit surprising behavior not found in other materials.

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The emerging world of microbial rhodopsins in photobiology

Dr Keiichi Inoue, chaired by Nobel Prize Winner Dr Richard Henderson

Thursday 26th November, 11am GMT

The webinar will be of interest to researchers and students in BioPhysics and condensed matter science with an interest in how living organisms use light energy as a source of energy to drive their physiological activities and as a source of information to perceive the surrounding environment.

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