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Kasra Sardashti | Physics Today Webinar

Kasra Sardashti | Physics Today Webinar 

Last month, we were pleased to sponsor and attend a Physics Today webinar: The Role of Materials Research in the Development of Emerging Quantum Technologies, led by Kasra Sardashti, from one of our customers, Clemson University. The webinar is now available to watch online.

In the session, Kasra spoke about how far industry research has come, where we are now and how extensive materials research will propel us into the realm of quantum advantage. Current technologies significantly limit our ability to scale superconducting qubits so materials research is needed to engineer platforms that are ideally suited for fault-tolerant and scalable quantum hardware.

With the help of illustrative data, Kasra provided an overview of the current state of the art solid-state quantum hardware. He went on to discuss some of the strategies we might use to solve current scaling bottlenecks.

If you’re an undergraduate, postgraduate or someone interested in the role of materials research for quantum advancement, then click the link below to watch the webinar!

What you will learn:

  • Get an overview of superconducting quantum circuits

  • Understand the bottlenecks in scaling superconducting quantum computers beyond hundreds of qubits

  • Grasp the operation principles and fabrication methods for voltage-tunable superconducting devices

  • Learn about distributed scaling of superconducting processors through optical fibers.

Watch On Demand Here

Kasra Sardashti