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Lower electron temperatures and improve resolution of quantum states for new material characterisation.


The world’s coldest commercially available continuous operation Cryofree® dilution unit provides ultra-low base temperature of < 5 mK and high cooling power of > 25 µW at 20 mK.

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Uncover the quantum nature of heat, with applications towards quantum refrigerators and improved ultra low temperature thermometry.

Explore Quantum Thermodynamics

Investigate exotic quantum states such as Majorana Fermions and Fibonacci Particles for next generation qubit development.

Characterise exotic quantum states

Lower temperatures reduce measurement errors to enable further improvements in metrological standards.

Metrological Standards

Download Proteox5mK Brochure
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  • Remote access through a web based, platform independent control software in addition to local system control
  • Improved automation routines for one button operation
  • Full manual control and programmable API interface for custom routines
  • Powerful data interrogation and visualisation package with live plotting


  • Fully redeveloped gas handling system to ensure the minimum number of connections for long term mixture retention
  • Cross-braced, stiffened frame for maximum vibration reduction eliminates the need for active damping
  • Modular, upgradable platform with cross-compatible magnet systems


Proteox5mK dilution refrigerator specifications:

Base temperature5 mK
Cooling power at 20 mK25 µW
Cooling power at 100 mK850 µW
Sample space diameter360 mm plate
Line-of-sight access1 × ISO100, 1 × KF63, 2 × KF40, 2 × KF25
PTR options1.5 W or 2 W
Temperature control range5 mK to 30 K with magnet at full field
Magnet optionsSolenoid: Up to 14 T, Vector rotate: Up to 9,1,1 and Field cancellation: < 10 mT


Reduce noise for lower electron temperatures with cold, low pass filtering

In addition to the screened measurement cable there is a low-pass multi-stage filter can be mounted at cryogenic temperatures down to below 100 mK. This has the ability to filter 24 signal lines with filter options of 4 different cut-off frequencies. The filter is constructed in an Au plated Cu chassis with RF gaskets to provide screening and thermal dumping for the filter PCB. The filter components are carefully selected surface mount components which provide very good value stability over the temperature range from ambient to sub 100 mK.

Cut-off Frequency170 Hz1.85 kHz12 kHz110 kHz
Pass band85 Hz900 Hz5 KHz40 kHz
Insertion loss over passband<0.6 dB<0.6 dB<1.0 dB<1.0 dB
Frequency rejection-45 dB @ 100 kHz-33 dB @ 100 kHz-36 dB @ 1 MHz-24 dB @ 1 MHz


Active magnetic field cancellation for reduced Eddy current heating

In combination with our ultra-low vibration platform, our actively cancelled magnets enable reduced eddy current heating due to vibration at static field for the lowest possible base temperatures. Eddy current heating during sweeping field is also significantly reduced.

Our actively cancelled magnets reduce magnetic field strength at the mixing chamber to less than 10 mT, whilst also reducing the stray field in the external environment and are recommended for all of our 5 mK magnet systems.

  • Active magnetic field cancellation available for magnets up to 14 T
  • Magnetic field cancellation at the mixing chamber plate: < 10 mT
Download Proteox5mK Brochure
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