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Quantum Microwaves Communication and Sensing - One of 20 projects funded in the first call of the European Quantum Technology Flagship Program. 

Oxford Instruments is a key partner supporting the development of a quantum microwave local area network over a distance of several metres. This architecture will enable quantum communication protocols such as teleportation between two superconducting quantum nodes. This approach has future applications for distributed quantum computing and radar-style quantum sensing with microwaves.​​

The main task of QMiCS is to explore the potential of non-classical propagating microwaves, whose behaviour is controlled by the laws of quantum mechanics, for future applications and commercial exploitation. 

Oxford instruments provided the cryogenic hardware for this project; a 6.6 m cryogenic link, with intermediate Cold Network Node (CNN), to connect two dilution refrigerators together at millikelvin temperatures. The CNN can provide future connections to other dilution refrigerators.

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