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European Microkelvin platform​

The European Microkelvin Platform (EMP) is a consortium funded by Horizon 2020 and is made up of 17 different partners from academic institutions and industry.

The EMP provides a comprehensive portfolio of ultra-low temperature capabilities and expertise, allowing the users from across Europe, to study new phenomena in the mK and µK regimes, thereby generating new knowledge, applications and commercial opportunities. EMP have a particular interest in the benefits of ultra-low temperature physics for driving forward the inter-related areas of quantum materials, nanoscience, and quantum technology.

Oxford Instruments NanoScience have been a key member of EMP providing shared expert knowledge on cryogenic environments and platforms for new quantum technologies. 

Our dilution refrigerators, cryostats and magnets can be found in labs across the member institutions including a top-loading dilution refrigerator and Triton200 dilution refrigerator at the Slovak Academy of Sciences in Kosice, Slovakia and three wet dilution refrigerators and a Triton200, all customised to be nuclear demagnetisation refrigerators to work in the sub 1 mK regime, at the London Low Temperature Laboratory, Royal Holloway University of London.

A proof of concept nuclear demagnetisation stage for a dry dilution refrigerator, a Triton200, was developed as a part of the European Microkelvin platform between Royal Holloway University of London and Oxford Instruments NanoScience.This forms the basis of a rapid prototyping system for experiments that require < 1 mK.

As part of this project, Oxford Instruments designed and provided the magnet, customised mixing chamber plate and customised mixing chamber shield.

For information on this project, please see the publication on the proof of concept demagnetisation stage.

For more information on the EMP see the project website .

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