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A dipstick-style dilution refrigerator insert system using Joule-Thomson condensation and compatible with wet or dry cryostats

  • No need for VTI, can operate in a 4 K bath

  • Can use helium bath, VTI or pulse tube refrigerator

  • Extends the temperature range to below 25 mK

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The Kelvinox®JT is a small, dipstick-style, dilution refrigerator, which features a Joule-Thomson condensation stage. It means the KelvinoxJT can operate in any 4 K environment – wet or dry – as it does not rely on a 1 K pot. KelvinoxJT is ideal for neutron or X-ray scattering experiments because there is no liquid helium in the sample horizontal plane.

  • Compatible with our Cryofree® TeslatronPT, our wet Integra magnet systems, any liquid helium transport dewar or any VTI with a sample tube diameter of at least 50 mm
  • Quick cool-down time: typically 6 hours from room temperature to base
  • Inner vacuum chamber (IVC) with automatic exchange gas control
  • The IVC is sealed using vacuum grease or caff paste (no Indium is required)
  • Wide temperature range: when operated in a VTI, the temperature can be controlled between 25 mK and 300 K
  • One spare 6 mm line-of sight port for installing experimental wiring

FlexibilityCan be used for a wide range of applications

Versatile: Can operate in any 4 K environment – wet or dry

Ease of use : Supplied with a gas handling system enabling automation of the insert cool down


Base temperature: 25 mK in a VTI, ≤ 40 mK in 4 K (exchange gas or liquid helium) environment

Base temperature stability: ± 1 mK

Cooling power at 100 mK: ≥ 20 µW

System cooldown from room temperature to < 100 mK: typically 6 hours in a wet environment and 12 hours in a dry environment

  • Semiconductor Quantum Hall effect
  • Quantum dots
  • Single electron tunnelling
  • Quantum computing Magneto-resistance
  • Hall effect
  • RF transport high frequency conductivity
  • Solid state physics heavy fermion systems
  • Metal insulator transition
  • Spin glass
  • Mesoscopic systems
  • Giant magnetic resistance Specific heat
  • De Haas-van alphen oscillations
  • Solid state NMR
  • Electrical resistivity
  • Magneto-resistance
  • Neutron scattering
  • Superconductivity low Tc superconductors
  • Quantum computing
  • Josephson junctions
  • Flux vortices
  • Quantum initial phenomena electrical resistivity
  • Scanning spectroscopy (STM/AFM)
  • SQUID characterisation 
  • AC susceptibility
  • Astrophysics & cosmology Low temperature detectors
  • Superconducting tunnel junctions
  • GE bolometers Electrothermal measurements
  • Voltage biased measurements
  • Low energy photon detection
  • Metrology Quantum hall effect
  • Voltage standards
  • Current standards Magneto-resistance
  • DC & AC low frequency transport and magnetic measurements
  • Single electron tunnelling


IntegraAC - recondensing helium cryostat

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