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Versatile wet dilution refrigerator for multi-user experiments down to 10 mK.
High magnetic fields and low temperatures for hall effect and quantum hall effect measurements.

Electrical Transport Measurements

Scanning Probe Microscopy

Spin processing and data storage studies using high magnetic fields and low temperatures.


Key Specifications


  • Compatible with our wet Integra magnet systems.
  • Patented solution for experimental insert which separates wiring services from the refrigerator.

  • Easily change between different experimental configurations.

  • Easy to upgrade, service and repair.

  • Standard experimental inserts with configurable wiring solutions and mechanical rotation.
  • Automated gas handling system with software for data visualisation and remote control.

Options / Accessories

Basic Experimental Insert
Supplied as standard, the basic experimental insert has a 6 mm line-of-sight (LOS) access to the inner vacuum chamber (IVC).

Versatile Experimental Insert
Our most versatile experimental insert with 4 custom configurable wiring ports is specifically designed for easy installation on KelvinoxMX. Choose between a range of wiring options including twisted pairs, flexible coaxes or semi-rigid coaxes to suit your signal requirements.


Mechanical rotator with 15 x 15 mm sample space allows for 260 degree polar rotation in high magnetic fields. The rotator assembly below the mixing chamber is demountable to make space for a cold finger when a fixed sample position is preferred. The drive rod from room temperature is retractable to break the thermal connection to the mixing chamber after rotating the sample. The insert also comes fitted with 12 twisted pair, 2 flexible coaxes and 2 semi-rigid coaxes to suit a wide range of both DC and RF experiments. Automated stepper motor control using MercuryiTC. 

Our low-eddy current sample holder with optimized geometry minimizes both sample temperatures during a field sweep and quench forces acting on the refrigerator during a magnet quench.