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Recondensing liquid helium dewar with integrated pulse-tube cooler and magnets up to 20 T.
High magnetic fields and low temperatures for hall effect and quantum hall effect measurements.

Electrical Transport Measurements

Our wet systems provide the lowest vibration environment for sensitive scanning probe microscopy measurements.

Scanning Probe Microscopy

Spin processing and data storage studies using high magnetic fields and low temperatures.



  • Eliminates liquid helium boil-off in steady-state operation
  • Significantly reduces the frequency of refills
  • The cryostat can be kept cold continuously which minimises the cost of cooling a sample
  • Integrated lambda-point fridge allows cooling the magnet to 2.2 K to extend the magnetic field range
  • Compatible with our variable temperature insert (VTI) for 1.5 K – 300 K operation
  • Compatible with our range of ³He refrigerators and dilution refrigerators to reach temperatures below 10 mK.

Options / Accessories


Magnet options

  • 16/18 T, 52 mm bore
  • 18/20 T, 52 mm bore

 Variable temperature inserts

  • 1.5-300 K, 30 mm diameter sample space
  • 1.5-200 K, 37 mm diameter sample space

Sample probes

  • Plain sample holders with manual axial adjustment and rotation in the horizontal plane
  • Up to two Fischer connectors
  • Up to 4 SMB connectors supplied with flexible coax for MHz signals.

Alternative magnet configurations and higher field strengths are available as custom and speciality systems. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

The MercuryiPS is an intelligent fully configurable magnet power supply system. It enables automated control of a wide range of superconducting magnets, including NMR, high field, beamline and Vector Rotate magnet systems. MercuryiPS is a bi-polar, high-stability, four quadrant power supply with incorporated quench protection. It includes temperature control of the main high-power sense resistor to prevent output current drift. The MercuryiPS is fully controllable by remote command via TCP/IP, USB, RS232 or optional GPIB.


The MercuryiTC is a versatile cryogenic environment controller. In its basic form it includes a single channel high-resolution (24 bit) temperature measurement circuit which supports all the standard cryogenic sensors (ruthenium oxide, cernox, silicon diodes, platinum, thermocouple and RhFe). With the constant voltage mode it enables reliable, accurate temperature measurement using negative temperature sensors (NTC) down to below 250 mK. The base unit enables PID loop configuration control of a single heater output up to 80 Watts (40 V, 2 A).