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A 3He sample-in-vacuum insert system compatible with 4He variable temperature inserts. 

  • High performance

  • Easy to use

  • Quick sample change

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This sample-in-vacuum ³He refrigerator achieves less than 300 mK for more than 40 hrs and achieves 50 µW of cooling power at 350 mK for over 6 hrs.

The HelioxVT uses a cold gas environment with a 50 mm access, therefore no need for a 1 K pot on the insert. This provides two key benefits:

  1. The sample temperature range of a new or existing VTI can be extended below 280 mK
  2. There is no liquid helium in the horizontal sample plane making the HelioxVT ideal for neutron or X-ray scattering experiments

A complete system consists of:

  • HelioxVT insert
  • Temperature controller to operate the refrigerator
  • A variable temperature insert (VTI) with pump

Flexibility: Heliox insert systems suit experiments at temperatures around 300 mK, particularly ideal for neutron or X-ray scattering applications

Ease of use: The sample is accessed by removing the insert, warming to room temperature and removing the inner vacuum chamber (IVC) tail

High performance: 300 mK for more than 40 hours (with no applied heat load)

Base Temperature: 300 mK for 40 hrs with no applied heat load

Cooling Power: < 350 mK for 6 hrs with 50 μW applied

Temperature range: 300 mK to 300 K

Temperature stability: ± 3 mK below 1.2 K; ± 0.1 K above 1.2 K

  • Semiconductor Quantum Hall effect
  • Quantum dots
  • Single electron tunnelling
  • Quantum computing Magneto-resistance
  • Hall effect
  • RF transport high frequency conductivity
  • Solid state physics heavy fermion systems
  • Metal insulator transition
  • Spin glass
  • Mesoscopic systems
  • Giant magnetic resistance Specific heat
  • De Haas-van alphen oscillations
  • Solid state NMR
  • Electrical resistivity
  • Magneto-resistance
  • Neutron scattering
  • Superconductivity low Tc superconductors
  • Quantum computing
  • Josephson junctions
  • Flux vortices
  • Quantum initial phenomena electrical resistivity
  • Scanning spectroscopy (STM/AFM)
  • SQUID characterisation 
  • AC susceptibility
  • Astrophysics & cosmology Low temperature detectors
  • Superconducting tunnel junctions
  • GE bolometers Electrothermal measurements
  • Voltage biased measurements
  • Low energy photon detection
  • Metrology Quantum hall effect
  • Voltage standards
  • Current standards Magneto-resistance
  • DC & AC low frequency transport and magnetic measurements
  • Single electron tunnelling


Spare IVC tail, to suit magnet if required


High temperature thermometry (provided as standard)


MercuryiTC (supplied as standard with HelioxVT) 

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