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A ³He sample-in-vacuum dipstick insert system compatible with wet cryostats.
High magnetic fields and low temperatures for hall effect and quantum hall effect measurements.

Electrical Transport Measurements

Our wet systems provide the lowest vibration environment for sensitive scanning probe microscopy measurements.

Scanning Probe Microscopy

Spin processing and data storage studies using high magnetic fields and low temperatures.


Key Specifications


  • Superior thermal performance thanks to patented vapour cooled sorption pump.
  • Requires only 2.7L of liquid to cool from room temperature.
  • Compact and easy to use with the 3He gas tank integrated on top of the insert.
  • Grease cone seal for quick and easy sample exchange.
  • Automatically pumped IVC using a sorb.
  • Compact insert design enables rapid thermal cycling – ideal solution for fast sample characterisation.
  • Two spare line-of-sight ports for installation of experimental services.
  • Compatible with Integra and IntegraAC magnet systems.
  • Self-contained 3He sorption pump minimises footprint.
  • Low maintenance system – single room temperature pump reduces cost of ownership.
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Options / Accessories

The MercuryiTC is a versatile cryogenic environment controller. In its basic form it includes a single channel high-resolution (24 bit) temperature measurement circuit which supports all the standard cryogenic sensors (ruthenium oxide, cernox, silicon diodes, platinum, thermocouple and RhFe). With the constant voltage mode it enables reliable, accurate temperature measurement using negative temperature sensors (NTC) down to below 250 mK. The base unit enables PID loop configuration control of a single heater output up to 80W (40 V, 2 A).