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A superconducting intelligent magnet power supply.

  • Stable measurements

  • Configurable

  • Expandable functionality

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The MercuryiPS is an intelligent fully configurable magnet power supply system. It enables automated control of a wide range of superconducting magnets, including NMR, high field, beamline and Vector Rotate magnet systems. MercuryiPS is a bi-polar, high-stability, four quadrant power supply with incorporated quench protection.  It includes temperature control of the main high-power sense resistor to prevent output current drift.  The MercuryiPS is fully controllable by remote command via TCP/IP, USB, RS232 or optional GPIB.

MercuryiPS has an on board temperature sensing for diagnostic monitoring of magnet temperature. It also includes an option for LHe/LN2 level meter expansion card, additional temperature sensing cards, and an auxiliary port expansion card. 

Modular design: Based on ±60 A modules with ±10 V compliance and can be configured in parallel, series and matrix modes from the basic ±60 A with ±10 V output up to ±600 A with ±10 V or ±300 A with ±20 V output configurations.

Versatile: Communications support a full range of interface options (Ethernet, USB, RS232, and optional GPIB) with downloadable Mercury function library for LabVIEW.

Complete cryogenic system automation: Quench protection and auto-rundown where the MercuryiPS can be programmed to run magnet down safely in event of magnet temperature rise, low cryogen levels or triggered by an external TTL signal.  The MercuryiPS can also be configured to control the system Lambda fridge.

Configurable module (typical specifications)

  • Output current: ± 60 A nominal (± 62.5 A maximum) via rear panel busbar per
  • Output voltage: ± 10 V
  • Output polarity: Bi-polar
  • Current setting resolution: 0.15 mA
  • Current resolution: 0.1 mA
  • Current stability: ± 2 mA
  • Max sweep rate: 1200 A/min
  • Resolution: 0.01 A/min
  • Load inductance: Up to 1000H
  • Switch heater output: 0 to 120 mA into 0 – 100 ohms.
    12 V compliance
  • Max steady state power: 600 W


  • Mains input: 3 pin UL/CSA compliant. Auto range setting
  • Supply voltage: 90 to 264 VAC
  • Frequency: 47 to 63Hz


  • RS232: With isobus support. Configured as DCE
  • Ethernet: 10/100 RS422 IEE802.3
  • USB: Serial port emulation
  • GPIB: IEEE-488 (Option)
  • RS485 Modbus: Control between Master and Slave
  • Energise superconducting magnets in both positive and negative directions
  • Energise vector-rotate superconducting magnets
  • Control a Lambda fridge
  • Read up to 9 temperatures
  • Read up to 8 pressures
  • Read cryogen levels



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