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Triton™XL is a large and most powerful Cryofree® dilution refrigerator, built to suit the most demanding applications in quantum technology and condensed matter physics. With a base temperature < 5 mK and integrated magnets up to 16 Tesla it is the highest performance dilution refrigerator on the market.  

  • Base temperature < 5 mK and up to 1000 µW of cooling power at 100 mK

  • Integrated with our in-house manufactured superconducting magnets

  • 3 years standard warranty which covers all supplied components

  • Supported by our regional customer service teams in UK, Germany, USA, China, Japan and India

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TritonXL is used for the most demanding research applications where sample temperatures below 5 mK is required, for integrating larger numbers of signal lines or very high magnetic fields.

  • Two integrated 1.5 W pulse-tube coolers, decoupled with flexible braids and bellows to minimize vibrations
  • Space for up to 72 semi-rigid RF lines with optimized attenuator configurations for the lowest possible electron temperature
  • Wide range of integrated solenoid and vector magnets up to 16 Tesla
  • Market leading top and bottom sample loading mechanism
  • Options for optical access through fibres or windows
  • Advanced software control with a remote command interface and safety interlocks
  • 3 years standard warranty which covers all third-party supplied components such as pulse-tube cooler, pumps and electronics

TritonXL has been designed to maximize up-time and reduce the risk of blockage:

  • Dry and clean pumping system with a roots pump and diaphragm compressor backing the turbo pump. This set-up eliminates the need to use scroll pumps which are prone to generate dust.
  • All-welded gas handling system with high quality pneumatic valves
  • Easily accessible and demountable main impedance which simplifies service in case of contamination

Standard system configuration includes:

  • Mixing chamber sensor factory calibrated against primary (nuclear orientation) thermometry
  • Pumps located in a remote pump rack to minimize vibrations and RF noise
  • Rigid cryostat floor stand which minimizes vibrations from the lab
  • Electric isolation between cryostat and all connecting gas lines, pumps and the floor stand


  • TritonXL 1000

    • Base temperature: < 5 mK
    • Cooling power at 20 mK: > 25 μW
    • Cooling power at 100 mK: > 900 μW
    • Temperature control range: 10 mK to 30 K with magnet at full field
    • System cool-down time: < 40 hours
    • Sample space: 430 mm diameter x 240 mm height
    • 6 x 50 mm plus 1 x 100 mm line-of sight ports for semi-rigid coaxes (max 72 in total)
    • 2 x 1.5W pulse-tube coolers
    • 50 L of He-3 gas


    TritonXL 500

    • Base temperature: < 10 mK
    • Cooling power at 20 mK: > 12 μW
    • Cooling power at 100 mK: > 450 μW
    • Temperature control range: 10 mK to 30 K with magnet at full field
    • System cool-down time: < 40 hours
    • Sample space: 430 mm diameter x 240 mm height
    • 6 x 50 mm plus 1 x 100 mm line-of sight ports for semi-rigid coaxes (max 72 in total)
    • 2 x 1.5W pulse-tube cooler
    • 18 L of He-3 gas

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Our patented market leading sample loading mechanism allows for fast and easy sample exchange without the need to warm the entire system to room temperature:

  • Choose between top and bottom loading options to suit your lab space and experimental set-up
  • Loading a sample puck takes < 15 min and the system automatically cools back to base temperature 
  • Proven track record with more than 80 top and bottom loading systems installed
  • Our unique demountable puck concept results in the lowest possible sample temperature with up to 28 RF and 100 DC connections on a single sample puck
  • Ideal solution for multi-user facilities since different experiments can be prepared in different sample pucks
  • Patented loading concept allows for safe and easy operation
  • ESD protection (make-before-break) via sample grounding or biasing before puck docks with the experimental wiring
  • Available with options for optical access and integrated piezo nano-positioning stages

We are the only company able to offer in-house design, manufacturing and support of both the dilution refrigerator and the superconducting magnet, giving you access to unique service and support capabilities of all aspects of the system.

  • Solenoid magnets up to 16 T
  • Two and three-axis vector magnets with a vertical field up to 8 T and a horizontal field up to 3 T
  • Split-pair magnets to allow line-of sight horizontal optical access to the sample region
  • Active shielding options to reduce magnetic footprint, and cancellation coils to minimise eddy current heating in swept-field experiments
  • Customised magnet options for improved homogeneity, persistence stability or field resolution
  • Our use of advanced superconducting wire technology guarantees the lowest possible level of flux jumping
  • Magnet current leads have demountable contacts at 4 K which eliminates the need for soldering when removing the magnet
  • Integrated Magnet Field Control software makes 3D field setting easy in Cartesian, cylindrical, or spherical coordinates

TritonXL has seven line-of-sight ports which allow for up to 72 semi-rigid coaxial lines to be installed, one of these ports can also be used for top-loading sample exchange. An additional seven non-line-of-sight ports are available for a variety of flexible wiring options.

Semi-rigid coaxes

  • UT85 coaxes with SMA or SK connectors for 18 GHz or 40 GHz bandwidth respectively
  • Standard coax materials: Stainless-steel, BeCu and NbTi
  • Heat sinking using bulk-head connectors fitted at all experimental plates with optional attenuators installed at PT1, PT2 and the still
  • All coax assemblies are cryogenically cycled and VNA tested in the factory

 Flexible wiring options

  • 24-way twin-twisted DC looms with Constantan, Copper or NbTi conductors
  • Flexible coaxial (S1) lines – for use up to 500 MHz
  • Single-mode and multi-mode optical fibres
  • Thermo-coaxes for effective filtering of high-frequency noise
  • Low-impedance looms suitable for nano-positioning piezo devices
  • A selection of cold and warm window materials with appropriate stress relief mounts to cope with thermal contraction are available, including Spectrosil B, Spectrosil WF, Sapphire, crystalline quartz, Polypropylene and Mylar
  • Line-of sight vertical optical access through from the top or bottom of the cryostat
  • Horizontal optical access, either line-of-sight through a split-pair magnet or via a cold mirror
  • Minimal impact on base temperature: 20 mK sample temperature on bottom loading pucks demonstrated

TritonXL cryogen free dilution refrigerators are software controlled via a high quality PC running Windows 10, providing system automation of refrigerator routines and programmable temperature/field sequences.

System automation

  • Fully automatic cool-down/warm-up routines
  • Fully automatic pre-cooling/mixture collection
  • Sample change wizard for systems with bottom- or top-loading sample exchange load-locks
  • Fully integrated magnet control via our magnet field control software, making field setting easy, even with vector magnets in two or three dimensions 


Experimental control

  • Programmable temperature and field sequences
  • Programming library supplied with example LabVIEW VIs
  • Integration of dilution refrigerator / magnet control and experimental data acquisition

In-built safety features

  • Continuous monitoring of all pressure gauges
  • System automatically enters 'safe state', if necessary
  • Automatic software intervention in case of over pressure with fail-safe in-line pressure relief valves, protecting the mixture and dilution refrigerator in the event of extended power failures
  • UPS option – automatic alert emails can be sent to user in the event of a power failure
  • Monitoring of magnet temperature during field sweep, high temperature control, sample loading
  • Automatic magnet de-energisation in the event of power cut, pulse tube cooler failure, or excessive heat load on second stage cooling

TritonXL command interfaces

  • Platform independent remote scripting interface
  • Standard internet (TCP/IP) protocol
  • Compatible with any programming language that can access the TCP port e.g., LabVIEW / Matlab / Python / C / C++ / C# / Visual Basic / HP VEE, etc.
  • Monitoring and control of automatic software routines and system parameters
  • Definable access levels (read only/read-write, etc.) with security

User support

  • Remote system access by Oxford Instruments support staff can be enabled to aid system diagnostics
  • All system settings are backed up prior to shipping from the factory

Local technical support

  • Based in the UK, USA, Germany, China, Japan, and India, We have a dedicated, qualified and experienced service team to support you with everything from installations, preventative maintenance, spares, upgrades and general queries. You also have direct access to our technical support team backed by magnet and cryogenics system engineers at our Oxford factory.

A step up from warranty... 

Your TritonXL comes with a standard 3-year warranty to cover for the unexpected however for greater peace of mind we advise you invest in an OiService Support Plan:

  • Bronze Support Plan: Dedicated support and reduced service costs
  • Silver Support Plan: Maximise uptime, service parts and labour included
  • Gold Support Plan: Ultimate support and complete peace of mind
  • Platinum Support Plan: Fully customised support tailored to your unique needs 
Customer support and service plan


A range of system upgrades and experimental options are available on request:

  • Cryogenic low-pass filters for DC looms
  • Additional features to minimize vibrations from the lab
  • System warm-up heaters
  • Liquid nitrogen by-pass valve to simplify cold trap swap-out
  • Uninterruptable power supply to minimize the impact from power cuts
  • Linear pulse-tube motor drive to reduce RF noise

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