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Triton™XL-Q is our newest and now largest Cryofree® dilution refrigerator, designed for scale-up Quantum Computing applications. With large payload, cooling capacity and GHz input/output line availability it will grow with your qubit scaling & development.

  • Base temperature: < 7 mK

  • High cooling power: 25 µW at 20 mK and 850 µW at 100 mK

  • Up to 4 PTR for increased cooling as required

  • Sample temperature control up to 30 K

  • Temperature stability ±1 mK < 100 mK, ±1% > 100 mK

  • Cool-down time to base temperature: < 28 hours

  • 3 years warranty which covers all supplied components

  • Supported by regional customer service teams based in UK, Germany, USA, China, Japan and India

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TritonXL-Q is a highly configurable, scalable high capacity large scale Cryofree® dilution refrigerator targeted directly for scale up Quantum Computing applications in both the academic research and Industrial prototyping sectors. It is designed for large payloads, high cooling capacity at both 4 K and mK stages and integration of large numbers of signal lines, using easily exchanged, patentedǂ experimental wiring secondary inserts. 

  • Two integrated 1.5 W pulse-tube coolers fitted as standard, decoupled with flexible braids and bellows to minimize vibrations
  • Access ports to scale up to 4 off pulse-tube coolers as required for additional 4 K cooling capacity
  • 2 off 100 mm line-of-sight (LOS) ports from RT to mixing chamber. Can be used to install up to 16 coax lines (with SMA) or additional pulse-tube refrigerators
  • 24 off rectangular 67 by 30 mm LOS ports (4 groups of 6) from RT to mixing chamber. Able to accommodate up to 8 coax lines with SMA connectors or 36 coax lines with SMP connectors per LOS slot
  • 12 off 50 mm non-LOS ports from RT to mixing chamber for flexible wiring
  • All access ports supplied with blanking plates on top plate and radiation shields

ǂ US6758059

TritonXL-Q has been designed to maximise up-time and reduce the risk of blockage.

Scalable & Modular:

  • Large volume mK region >105 cc
  • Open access petals for HD co-ax
  • Expansion slots for LT electronics bus & RF components
  • Volume for cold logic circuits

High cooling capacity

  • Up to 4 off PTR (1, 1.5, 2W)
  • On axis 1000 µW DU
  • < 7 mK base temperature
  • 25 µW cooling power at 20 mK
  • 850 µW cooling power at 100 mK

Flexible & Robust

  • Open architecture
    • Rapid thermal cycle with large payloads
    • Scalable capacity depending on heatload per qubit
  • Rigid superstructure
  • Minimised joint count

Designed for Service, Integration & Uptime

  • Multiple condensing lines
  • Upgradable coax solution and low temperature logic expansion slots
  • Electrical isolation between cryostat and all peripheral components
  • Dust-free circulation pumps

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Our patented market leading sample loading mechanism allows for fast and easy sample exchange without the need to warm the entire system to room temperature:

  • Proven 10 mK sample temperatures
  • Supports a wide range of wiring configurations
  • Loading a sample puck takes < 15 min and the system automatically cools back to base temperature 
  • Our unique demountable puck concept results in the lowest possible sample temperature with up to 28 RF and 100 DC connections on a single sample puck
  • Patentedǂ loading concept allows for safe and easy operation
  • ESD protection (make-before-break) via sample grounding or biasing before puck docks with the experimental wiring
  • Available with options for optical access and integrated piezo nano-positioning stages

ǂ EP22742299, WO2010/106309

Sample holders for ultra low temperature research

TritonXL-Q has 2 off 100 mm line-of-sight (LOS) ports from RT to mixing chamber which can be used to install up to 16 coax lines (with SMA) or additional pulse-tube refrigerators. In addition 24 off rectangular 67 by 30 mm LOS ports (4 groups of 6) from RT to mixing chamber. Able to accommodate up to 8 coax lines with SMA connectors or 36 coax lines with SMP connector per LOS slot and 12 off 50 mm non-LOS ports from RT to mixing chamber for flexible wiring.

Quantum Computing Input/Output control lines

    • UT47 co-axes with SMA or SMP connectors
    • Standard coax materials: Stainless-steel and NbTi
    • Heat sinking using bulk-head connectors and optional attenuators installed at all experimental plates
    • All coax assemblies are cryogenically cycled and VNA tested in the factory
    • Patented easy exchange secondary wiring inserts

Flexible wiring options

    • 24-way twisted-pair DC looms with Constantan, Copper or NbTi conductors
    • Flexible coaxial (S1) lines – for use up to 500 MHz
    • Single-mode and multi-mode optical fibres
    • Thermo-coaxes for effective filtering of high-frequency noise
    • Low-impedance looms suitable for nano-positioning piezo devices
Cryofree dilution refrigertor wiring Triton

TritonXL-Q cryogen free dilution refrigerators are software controlled via a high quality PC running Windows 10, providing system automation of refrigerator routines.

  • System automation
  • Fully automatic cool-down/warm-up routines
  • Fully automatic pre-cooling/mixture collection
  • Sample change wizard for systems with sample exchange load-locks

Experimental control

  • Programmable temperature control sequences
  • Integration of dilution refrigerator and experimental data acquisition

In-built safety features

  • Continuous monitoring of all pressure gauges
  • System automatically enters 'safe state', if necessary
  • Automatic software intervention in case of over pressure with fail-safe in-line pressure relief valves, protecting the mixture and dilution refrigerator in the event of extended power failures
  • UPS option – automatic alert emails can be sent to user in the event of a power failure

Triton command interfaces

  • Platform independent remote scripting interface
  • Standard internet (TCP/IP) protocol
  • Compatible with any programming language that can access the TCP port e.g. LabVIEW / Matlab / Python / C / C++ / C# / Visual Basic / HP VEE, etc.
  • Monitoring and control of automatic software routines and system parameters
  • Definable access levels (read only/read-write) with security

User support

  • Remote system access by Oxford Instruments support staff can be enabled to aid system diagnostics
  • All system settings are backed up prior to shipping from the factory


3 years comprehensive warranty including all supplied third party components, such as the pulse-tube cooler, pumps and electronics. The warranty is conditional to standard product maintenance being carried in accordance with the system manual.

Years 1-3 Preventative Maintenance Contract:

  • Maximise uptime starting from date of installation or continuation of scheduled pro-active annual preventative maintenance
  • One preventative maintenance (PM) visit per year covers third party components, see table below. Parts and labour included
  • On-site PM visit by Oxford Instruments service engineer also includes system health checks, wiring and "O" ring seal inspection, software and firmware upgrades
  • Service visit report presented for each PM visit detailing run time hours of pumps and system health check results including advised remedial work to ensure optimal system performance
  • Priority access to service exchange pumps and spare parts: we keep an extensive stock of spare parts which are dedicated for Support Plan customers. Spare components from this service stock are dispatched within 3 working days
  • Packing and shipping costs of service items to/from site included
  • Free software and firmware upgrades and enhancements
  • Free access to local helpdesk

Local technical support:

The main service locations are based in the UK, USA, Germany, China, Japan, and India, We have a dedicated, qualified and experienced service team to support you with everything from installations, preventative maintenance, spares, upgrades and general queries. You also have direct access to our technical support team backed by the cryogenics system engineers at our Oxford factory.

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A range of system upgrades and experimental options are available on request:

  • Cryogenic low-pass filters for DC looms
  • Additional features to minimise vibrations from the lab
  • System warm-up heaters
  • Liquid nitrogen by-pass valve to simplify cold trap swap-out
  • Uninterruptable power supply to minimise the impact from power cuts
  • Linear pulse-tube motor drive to reduce RF noise

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