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Your PATHWAYS to sample protection

Choosing the right solution to enable you to pre-screen
your devices, protect and maintain their integrity, and fully characterise their performance is critical.


  • Nanodevices are incredibly sensitive, incorrect handling destroys them
  • The device fabrication is immature so it is not clear what ‘good looks like’
  • The material growers are producing variant 2DEG material faster than the physicists can measure
  • Most devices are known to be useless before the fridge starts condensing mixture

We have the solution

Our solution provides experimenters with an end-to-end method of protecting sensitive samples from accidental electrostatic discharge (ESD). The system comprises of a rack mount SampleProtect Switching Unit (SPSU) linked, via measurement grade cables and sample probes, with sample holders which include an additional socket for an equi-potential plug.  

The sample holders are demountable from the probe and each probe can accommodate multiple types of sample holder.  Also, sample holders are transferable between probes, or even to a HelioxVT or KelvinoxJT ULT insert.

  • Can be used over a wide variety of temperatures with all of our products and new experimental measurement probes
  • High quality measurement grade cables
  • Low noise
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