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Intelligent control of cryogenic and magnetic environments
Mercury 2020

We are offering 20% discount on our standard Mercury electronics, Mercury expansion cards and 5 special Mercury upgrade packages between 1st November and 15th December*.

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MercuryiTC is a versatile cryogenic environment controller. In its basic form, it includes a single channel high-resolution (24 bit) temperature measurement circuit, which supports all the standard cryogenic sensors (ruthenium oxide, cernox, silicon diodes, platinum, thermocouple and RhFe).

MercuryiPS is an intelligent fully configurable magnet power supply system. It enables automated control of a wide range of superconducting magnets including NMR, high field, beamline and Vector Rotate magnet systems.

Mercury 2020 Upgrade Packages

Level package* (Cryogen level monitoring LN2 + LHE upgrade)

  • Level metering card LN2 + LHE Standard helium level probe
  • Helium level probe cable 6 mtr.
  • Standard nitrogen level probe
  • Nitrogen level probe cable 6 mtr.

Auto-gas package (Auto needle Valve upgrade)

  • Auxiliary card
  • Auto needle valve stepper motor
  • Stepper motor mount
  • Stepper motor cable

Pressure package (Pressure monitoring upgrade)

  • Pressure transducer card
  • Pressure transducer
  • Pressure transducer cable 10 mtr.
  • NW16 flange for transducer

PID control package (10 pin seal)

  • Heater card
  • Sensor card
  • Cryostat cable 6 mtr. 10 pin seal (check type at order)

PID control package (10 pin Fischer)

  • Heater card
  • Sensor card
  • Cryostat cable 6 mtr. 10 pin Fischer (check type at order)
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Mercury 2020 Electronics

  • MercuryiTC Base Unit
  • MercuryiPS Master Base Unit
  • MercuryiPS Slave Base Unit
  • MercuryiPS 120-10
  • AUX Expansion Card*
  • GPIB Expansion Card*
  • Heater Expansion Card
  • Sensor Expansion Card*
  • Cryogen Level Expansion Card*
  • Pressure Sensor Expansion Card*

*Also suitable for MercuryiPS Master superconducting magnet power supply.

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