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TeslatronPT: The magnet is only the beginning

TeslatronPT is an integrated Cryofree® superconducting magnet system. It incorporates a variable temperature insert (VTI) allowing sample temperature to be controlled in the range 1.5 K to 300 K using the MercuryiTC temperature controller. Magnetic fields up to 14 T are controlled using the MercuryiPS power supply.

  • Standard magnetic fields up to 14 T in a compact geometry
  • Integrated variable temperature insert providing sample temperatures between 1.5 K and 300 K

  • Large 50 mm sample space
  • Wide range of high performance sample rods with height adjustment and rotation options

A typical system comprises of:

  • Cryostat and Cryocooler
  • Magnet
  • Variable Temperature Insert
  • Controller
  • Basic Sample Probe
Download TeslatronPT Brochure Download App Note: On the way to a graphene spin field effect transistor

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