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Accessories for use with cryogenic systems.

The low pass multi-stage filter for our 24 way dc looms can be mounted at cryogenic temperatures, is available in 4 different cut-off frequencies and is compatible with our dilution refrigerators.

Low Pass Filters for dc Looms

The Secondary Inserts are compatible across the MX and LX members of the Proteox family and are a fully customisable, self-supporting module for installation and exchange of full experimental setups

Proteox Secondary Inserts

A variety of sizes of sample loading pucks are available which can be loaded into our dilution refrigerators using our patented sample loading mechanism. Ideal for a multi-user facility these pucks will cool from loading to base in a matter of hours.

Sample Loading Pucks

Measurement probes for the Teslatron system are available with fixed, mechanical rotator or electrical rotating options. A variety of chip carriers are also available, with ESD protection on the 16-pin connector and 20 pin LCC carrier.

Measurement Probes